Membership - How to Join

Membership is limited to 220 members.  This is done simply to prevent over utilization of the facilities, and to ensure exclusivity joom/en.  It is also important to perpetuate the concept whereby no booking is required, perhaps a courtesy call to ensure that geysers are switched on and ablutions cleaned before arrival.

Most members have a long-standing relationship with Combretum Park, and get involved with decision-making and management of the park.  This is encouraged, as the owner is sensitive to the changing requirements and needs of members, while still maintaining the ethos, which makes it so attractive.

Should you wish to visit Combretum Park before joining, please telephone Dennis to make arrangements for a Sunday Visit.


Financial year is from 1 July to 30 June.  Pro Rata Fees are charged from date of joining to 30 June of that year -, after which annual fees are levied.

  • Joining Fee - R 500.00
  • Registration and Annual Subscription - R 960.00
  • Pro Rata Fee / per month - R 80.00

Membership should be applied for through Combretum Park - Denis Driver - and all details and Application Forms can be obtained from them.  Please visit the Contact Details page for phone/fax numbers and e-mail address.

Payment can be made by credit card, cheque or direct deposit.
Application takes approx 14 days to process.
A family consists of parents and children living at home, a maximum of 5 guests are allowed at a nominal fee of R25.00/guest, depending on your booking dates.

Rules, regulation and a code of conduct will be supplied to applicants by Combretum Park.

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