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Jason Ballard Designs

IMG 1597At Jason Ballard Designs, the focus is on making that special piece that works best for your lifestyle. Enjoying your living environment on your budget!

Visit the Gallery across from "Baked," located near the potholes, at 1 Deerfield Ave. Shelburne Falls.

Jason Ballard Designs is open Friday thru Sunday 11am to 4pm or by appointment,


Jason Ballard Designs offers an opportunity to bring functional art into your life. Design your own: furniture, kitchen cabinets, bowls, and gifts. Mixed media (stone, metal, glass) also encouraged. Now taking orders for winter.

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IMG 0473Deerfield Car & Shuttle Service, LLC

As a former treasurer and board member of the GSFABA, I can’t stress enough how the organization adds to the business community in so many ways – and by doing that - the enhancement of the entire community benefits all of us.

One example of the GSFABA helping businesses grow and create awareness for them is the business spotlight that you are viewing now. I was more than pleased to participate.

My name is Vincent P. Traina, and I am the owner and transportation coordinator of Deerfield Car & Shuttle Service, LLC, based in South Deerfield and serving clients all over western MA.

SUV in front of houseDC & SS was started during the summer of 2015. After much research and demographic studies, it became very apparent that there are a very large number of folks that are not being served in their ability to access high quality private transportation. Taxi services in western MA are designed for short trips, more expensive per mile than we are, and in most cases, not very clean. Certain more populous areas of the region can benefit from Uber and Lyft services, but there are very few based in Franklin County. Lastly, we have some very fine large bus and shuttle services, but they are certainly not cost effective or practical to transport one person or a small group to an airport or hospital, or to transport students to and from our many private school campuses.

We offer multiple services using high quality, clean and safe modes of transportation. Our drivers are mature adults and highly experienced.

Please visit our website at for more information on what we have to offer you, your friends, and your relatives.

airportOur primary service is transportation to and from the airports of New England and NYC. We can pick you up based on your schedule so you are not driven around in a van as the driver picks up other passengers along the way, in most cases making you leave your home much earlier than necessary to catch a flight.

When you arrive at the airport on your return trip, we are already there waiting for you. You can call us at the cell phone lot directly after you have gathered your luggage, and we will be at the passenger pick-up area within 5 minutes.

There is also the benefit of additional personal safety by using DC & SS. If you should be returning from a long international flight and landing at Logan International for example, driving another two and a half hours to our area possibly in the dark can be very tiring and potentially dangerous, especially for folks that cannot sleep on planes.

Mass GeneralDC & SS also caters to patients of Mass General, UMass Medical, and Baystate Medical Center hospitals, along with many others. Whether you’re just going in for tests or need round trip service for an overnight procedure – we’re here to assist you. We offer special packages for retired and active military and for patients under long-term care.


Lastly, we can also provide private transportation to casinos, Tanglewood, dinner events, parties, and to and from our many cities for all types of personal needs.

We accept all major credit cards, business and personal checks, and commercial invoicing is also available.

So please contact us at 413-665-4369 or at our website to make a reservation – we will be more than honored to receive your patronage.


Davenport's Mobil

Davenports in front of gas pumpDavenport's Mobil Service Station is back in full swing!

After a several-week period of digging up and replacing tanks, Davenport's Mobil station on Route 2 near Shelburne Falls is fully functional once again. Sarah Davenport and the rest of the family invite you back to see the upgrades (and buy some gas, of course!).

Davenport's Service StationThis gas station has been a fixture in Shelburne Falls since it opened on Maple Street (across from HHR Paine) back in early last century. Owners Bally and Elsie ran the business at that location until it was moved to the current location in 1956, when Eisenhower's interstate system rerouted Route 2. They continued to operate it until 1979 or so, when ownership transferred briefly to another member of their family; it was purchased by Sarah's parents in 1981.

Sylvia and her husband, Joseph, ran the station together for over thirty years until Joseph's passing in 2016. Now, transfer of ownership is currently underway from Sylvia to daughter Sarah.

Sarah has overseen the new upgrades project—which includes removing three tanks, putting in one new one, and installing new dispensers—and says there may be a few more changes coming—but exactly what? We'll just have to wait and see!

Please stop by and support this local, longtime business!

Contact Davenport's

Marjorie Moser Print & Dye

Marjorie and Peter Moser in front of shopMarjorie Moser, a fabric artist, practiced her craft in New York City’s demanding world of fashion and Broadway Theater for three decades. During those years, Marjorie also worked with street-involved youth, teaching printing and design on fabric, and leading wellness workshops.

Marjorie Moser Print & Dye WorkshopIn 2013, Marjorie moved from Brooklyn, NY, to Shelburne Falls with her husband Peter Moser, a graphic and web designer and they set up shop on Water Street working together to create beautifully designed and carefully printed pieces. In May 2016, Marjorie opened her workshop at 2 Bridge Street in Shelburne Falls where you can find Peter and Marjorie’s printed textiles and Marjorie’s hand-dyed, sewn, and quilted pieces.

Marjorie’s dyeing work has evolved into a joyful and pleasant pace of creating original cloth pieces that are rich with color and inspired by the natural surrounds of this beautiful place, often using flowers and leaves from her garden on Water Street. Her blog “I dye every day” chronicles her day to day experiences with dyes, both natural and synthetic and the beautiful markings that result from folding, binding and printing on silk, linen, cotton, and wool.

Visit Marjorie’s website, designed by Peter, at And be sure to stop by the lovely little shop that hangs over the Deerfield River between the Iron Bridge and the Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls!

Marjorie Moser Print & Dye Business Profile

Marjorie Moser's handmade itemsMarjorie Moser's handmade itemsMarjorie Moser's handmade itemsMarjorie Moser's handmade itemsMarjorie Moser's handmade itemsMarjorie Moser's handmade items

“Greenfield Savings Bank believes that the GSFABA is the best organization where companies can get support and guidance to promote their business.”
Karen Fairbrother, Greenfield Savings Bank, Shelburne Falls Branch Manager

“The GSFABA has and continues to be a valuable resource for the local businesses…an important membership the FCCDC benefits from yearly."
Amy Shapiro, Franklin County Community Development Corporation, Business Assistance Director

“The GSFABA continues to help strengthen our region, the place I call home.”
Shane Brenizer, Bad Dad Design

"What I enjoy most about the association is the networking possibilities that is offered to you. It is a great organization to get involved, promote your business and meet other professionals from the West County area and beyond."
Wanda Mooney, Coldwell Banker Upton-Massamont Realtors

"In 2013, our 15th Anniversary Year, the Shelburne Arts Cooperative celebrates our being part of the GSFABA. We appreciate the support you give to the Shelburne Falls business community and look forward to working together in the future."
Sally Chaffee, Shelburne Arts Cooperative, Artist

"The business association provides leadership to businesses and service to the whole community in the Greater Shelburne Falls Area. It is a vital regional representative."
Daniel Lieberman, InCommN, LLC

"The Greater Shelburne Falls Area Business Association is like the “Little Engine That Could” – it’s pulling all of us up the mountain to a better rural economy. It may be small, but it has something to offer every business and town in West County from marketing the region as a tourist destination to offering its members discount programs for healthcare/dentistry and oil. It’s growing and each new member makes GSFABA stronger and better able to serve you and our 10-town region."
Whit Sanford, Independent Consultant

"I joined the GSFABA when I moved to Shelburne Falls in 2000 because I wanted to be involved and become known in the business community and to generally support the organization's activities. Since I have been a member, I have directly benefited through the organization's oil discount program, networking opportunities resulting from active involvement, and discounted medical insurance. I've also received the significant satisfaction of serving my community, extending the organization's long positive history of helping turn Shelburne Falls and West County into a thriving, interesting community for both local residents and visitors, and being there for my neighbors and friends as we recovered from Tropical Storm Irene."
Will Flanders, Flanders Law Offices

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