Jeff Smith - A 2nd Generation Sweep

The Berkshire Brush is a certified, licensed and insured chimney cleaning business that has been in west county for 3-years. Owner Jeff Smith is a 2nd generation sweep who grew up in small family owned and operated hearth business. His mother and father opened the business out of the back pages of Mother Earth magazine during the fuel shortages of the seventies as a way to help people save on home heating costs. Wood stove sales and service went hand in hand so his father began to seek out knowledgable chimney sweep professionals.

The complete lack of skilled chimney sweeps in America had a small dedicated group of chimney sweeps combine their resources together to form the National Chimney Sweep Guild as a way for sweeps to share sweeping skills and techniques as well as wood burning knowledge. In its early day this members of this committed crew imported tool, techniques, and knowledge by traveling back and forth to Europe. The national guild eventually spun off into smaller regional and state guilds before eventually creating the first and longest running chimney sweep accreditation program of which my father is one of the first hundred chimney sweeps certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America.

Tip to share… Have a certified sweep clean and inspect your chimney annually. it is essential to learn how to properly season. Use a stove thermometer and learn how to burn firewood for safe clean burning.

Interesting information…. Historically the presence of a Chimney Sweep is good luck. It is exceptional good luck to see a sweep on your wedding day. I am also an ordained minister and perform wedding ceremony's or will gladly be present at a wedding in the off season.

If you would like to learn more …. Please visit the Chimney Safety Institute of America @ or the National Chimney Sweep Guild page @

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