2013 August

Thomas Schieffer, a Clinical Herbalist and Holistic Health Consultant specializing in food allergies, digestive health and preventive health maintenance, is opening his practice August 1st on the second floor of 10 Bridge St in Shelburne Falls, MA. His practice consists of a one-on-one in-depth intake on all aspects of the patient’s life, so that he can suggest effective lifestyle recommendations and herbal treatments that will have profound and long-lasting effects on patient health. He also can integrate yoga, Qigong and meditation practices into the healing process when appropriate. At the end of each session, the patient will walk away with a clear understanding of what is needed to bring them back into health. His approach to his practice is based on vitalism, a method of assessing the vitality of an individual to understand what treatment to give and how long the treatment is needed.

Thomas has been part of the Goldthread Team for the past 4 years. He began as a student of William Siff and transitioned to Goldthread’s operations manager, herbalist and chief medicine maker. Thomas is currently focusing primarily on his studies under William’s mentorship; he completed the Goldthread Farm to Pharmacy and Clinical Herbalist programs, and has studied at the schools of esteemed herbalists Michael Tierra and Paul Bergner, and also with Lonny Jarrett for Chinese pulse diagnosis and clinical intake. His love of herbs stems from his childhood spent on a family farm and many hours spent outdoors exploring the woods.

Thomas is certified yoga teacher, having completed his Iyengar training under Eileen Muir, and is also a certified Qigong teacher under Dr. Yang Jing Ming. Other passions include Martial Arts, which he has practiced for 18 years, and wilderness and survival training.

Thomas is having an open house at his office at 10 Bridge St, 2nd floor, Shelburne Falls, MA at Sept 20th 5pm – 7pm. Come out and see what it is all about.

Many by now have seen the large sign on Route 2 beckoning visitors to the Village of Shelburne Falls. The original sign located adjacent to the former Jed’s Cider Mill did not make it through tropical storm Irene when a portion of the supporting posts snapped at the surface of the large, concrete bases. After conferring with Larry and Susan Flaccus, owners of Kenburn Orchards Bed and Breakfast, it was agreed that volunteers for GSFABA could rebuild/replace the structure and install a replacement sign. Work consisted of manually digging a 4’x 4’x 3’ hole surrounded by forms into which roughly two yards of concrete were poured thus securing a new 6x6 mounting post. Given the excessive rain in the spring, the hole had to be cleared several times before suitable conditions prevailed for the pouring of concrete. In the meantime, the original panels for the sign which had been damaged, were repaired and made ready for new overlays. Once the concrete had cured, with the aid of Simon Dean and his portable “cherry picker” lift, two new 20 foot 6x6’s and three 2 x 8’s were attached to the base and the refurbished sign was once again raised to welcome west bound travelers along the Mohawk Trail.

            Many thanks to Graves Concrete for the reduced cost of Redi-Mix concrete, Simon Dean  (SLD Building & Construction) and Donald Paye for volunteer labor and equipment, and Greenfield Savings Bank for the cost of materials.    

While I have been supporting myself for the last 32 years making contemporary art quilts that use color, fabric and the traditions of quilt making to create abstract landscapes, I have also always held true to the idea that if I am not making the quilts I want to make, there are lots of easier ways to make money. I will always be most grateful to Chris Singley and his father the late Ed Singley for renting me 6 Bridge Street after I lost my beloved studio as I result of Irene, I realized that I did indeed wish to relocate to 2 Conway Street. I took a year to make this decision to make sure I had the mental energy to sustain this project. In addition I needed to convince myself that I could still make new and exciting quilts. Certainly there is a bit more walk-in traffic on Bridge Street although many of my customers seek me out so that was not a controlling factor. Instead I found that my quilts at 6 Bridge Street with the up close view of the Iron Bridge were more urban than they were across the river with the everchanging landscape of Mt Massamont, the sweep of the Deerfield River and the best rainbows in town. In addition I wanted more space than 6 Bridge Street offered. Finally after helping to care for my father-in-law in his later years, I knew I wanted a place that my husband and I could eventually move to if our current home became infeasible.

After considerable research and contemplation I am pleased to announce that the Dole Brothers of Shelburne Falls have begun construction of my new studio which will have a substantial foundation like 4 Conway Street. George L. Dole of Buckland did a fantastic job designing a building that fits into the neighborhood but still retains the sophisticated nature of my quilts., didn't he?The second floor will for now be a two bedroom rental apartment with what I consider some of the best views in the area. As many in town have noticed, construction has begun. Meanwhile I continue to work at 6 Bridge Street unless I am at a craft show. I hope many will drop in to see me and my new work and take a closer look at the plans. I will hold a grand opening party when it is done to thank the community for its incredible support during what was a very trying time. For those who can't make it into town, I do post frequent images on my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/annbrauerquiltstudio.

Dear Colleagues

Yes... Big E time is just a short month away.

Last year attendance for the 17 days of the fair was 1,365,896

Please look at this as a great way to promote your region as a destination for the multicultural travelers near and far that attend this fair. This is a great trade show way to promote Massachusetts as a destination with all we have to offer, unparalleled cultural offerings, historic riches and world class accommodations, dinning, miles of coastline and great foliage to come.

Again this year we are asking you for your help in order to make it happen. Mass Office of Travel & Tourism (MOTT) again will pay for the booth setup, breakdown, electrical and storage of materials.

This year again only tourism will be in our main booth, so we need a lot of assistance on staffing for the 17 days, September 13th- 29th. It would be great if you could help us cover some shifts: 1st shift, 9:30am – 3:30 or 2nd shift, 3:00 -9:00 pm. (The 9:30 -10:00AM time is use to restock the booth of guides). The Massachusetts State building is open to the public daily from 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM

We are looking to staff the booth with a minimum of 4 people for that whole time period plus the one floater. Workers need to be able to lift and carry 40 lbs. and climb stairs.

Time slots are filled on a first come request.

Please call Peter Tomyl with the Mohawk Trail Association at 413-652-2426. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me.

Again, thanks for all your assistance.

Go Big Or Go Home!

Young Holly May the pop country artist from Charlemont, Ma, started her singing career the way most artists do... In her car seat. At an extremely young age Holly showed amazing control and ability with her instrument.

Growing up in a very small town in the hills of the Berkshire Mountains, there was little chance for exposure for such a great and talented singer. So her parents decided to share Holly's voice in any way they could. Holly began singing in local talent competitions, for churches and for sporting events and soon she started to became a seasoned performer. A small town artist who's voice is powerful yet honeyed.

Holly May is a very outgoing, fun, young woman with many interests. She shares hobbies like: Music, shopping, spending time with friends, and movies. But also takes her singing very seriously. Going through school Holly acted in plays and sang in Talent Shows.

It was around this time Holly was introduced to her manager through one of the local talent competitions. He was immediately floored by her skill and power on the stage. Over the course of several years of watching her grow as an artist, it came time to sign her and take things to another level.

They entered the studio in late 2012 to record a single written with Holly in mind. "Go Big Or Go Home" soon became, not only the single, but a mantra and defining theme they would play on.

After recording this single, it became apparent they had something special. After gathering friends and family, as well as other local support, they were able to shoot a music video for "Go Big or Go Home". This would stand as the launching pad for Holly to finally reach out to the world at large and proclaim herself as the new girl in town.

With a huge fan base already, and strongly supported by her friends and family, she is excited to see what comes next for her in her music career. "Its always been my dream to sing and perform" Holly said, " I can't wait to see where it takes me!"

Holly May is excited to share that she has the opportunity to head to Nashville, TN to record her next single “I’ve Been On The Run” in an amazing studio, as well as film the video on the way. This trip is scheduled for Sept. 15-19th. Holly will be working with some awesome people and extremely talented musicians who are willing to give of there talents to help her out.

This trip takes a sufficient amount of funds and is essential when completing a single & video. Holly is trying to raise the balance needed of $6,500.00 to make this trip happen. This amount will cover video marketing costs, travel, crew, musicians, and studio time.

Holly is asking for your help in sponsoring/donating to help reach her goal of $6,500.00 to make this trip happen. She has a huge opportunity and it is her dream to be able to record in Nashville.

Thank you all for supporting and believing in Holly. She couldn’t do this without you all and her parents.

Holly was recently chosen to be one of the 10 contestants for the Texaco Country Showdown at the Franklin County Fair in Greenfield on Sept. 6th. She will be singing at Mocha Myas on Sept. 20th with Buckland Native Randy Smith & His Band Of Merry Men and again Nov. 23rd at the Arts Block in Greenfield.

See links to Holly May below.



https://itunes.apple.com (Holly May - Go Big Or Go Home)

www.youtube.com (Holly May - Go Big Or Go Home)

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