Board of Directors

The Board of Directors works with staff to set policies and direction for the organization to benefit the businesses in our region.


Economic Development Committee

The charge of the Shelburne Falls Area Partnership Economic Development Committee is to further the economic development goals of the Buckland-Shelburne Master Plan (May 1999) by promoting economic development and job creation in the Towns of Buckland and Shelburne. The Committee seeks to encourage and support the expansion of existing businesses and organizations and the creation of new ones to:

  1. Increase the amount of “outside” income flowing into the area by attracting and serving visitors, and providing goods and services to customers outside the area; and/or
  2. Increase the amount of income re-circulating inside the area and support the growth of a more resilient community by serving the needs of local residents.

Committee Members

Events Committee

The GSFABA sponsors many annual events that put the region on the map: Auction, Art Walks, Bridge of Flowers 10K Road Race, Iron Bridge Dinner, Moonlight Magic, RiverWalk and more.

Committee Members

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is appointed annually by the Board of Directors and is composed of: A Finance Committee Chairperson selected from the Board, Association Treasurer, and 1-3 additional members selected from the membership of the organization. The Executive Director and Bookkeeper also sit on the Committee as ex officio members.

The roles and responsibilities are to:

  • Review, analyze, and recommend the annual audit and the annual budget.
  • Review and analyze operating fund statements and balance sheets, advising the board of significant deviations from the approved budget and, where possible, consideration of requests from the staff for non-budgeted expenditures.
  • Review of investment policies, practices, objectives, and performance.
  • Review budget requests, analyze projections and initial budget drafts prepared by the staff, approve the proposed budget (after committee refinement) prior to presentation to the full board, and recommend priorities for future expenditures for the annual budget.
  • Periodically review employee benefit plans, insurance coverage, and office procedures as they relate to finances.
  • Advise the staff on the frequency, format, and content of reports to the board and to the community on the financial status of the organization.

Committee Members

Marketing & Communications Committee

The GSFABA Marketing / Communication Committee works for GSFABA to:

  • define marketing strategy
  • coordinate and facilitate marketing tactics to engage the public
  • enhance the attractiveness of the region
  • build relationships, promote the organization, its members and the area to advance the goals of the GSFABA

Committee Members

Public Relations Committee

The Committee works to promote the Greater Shelburne Falls Area Business Association so that GSFABA can more fully serve the region for the benefit, betterment and sustainability of our economy, protection and restoration of our environment, celebration of our heritage and culture, and preservation of our historic structures.

Committee Members

  • Jill Connolly, Voice-Overs
  • Whit Sanford, Nonprofit Consultant & GSFABA Board Member
  • Cyndy Weeks, Bird's Nest Bed & Breakfast
  • Carmela Lanza-Weil, GSFABA Executive Director, ex officio

Scholarship Committee

The scholarship award is intended to support a graduating senior with a strong interest in pursuing a career in business. The student will have demonstrated an interest in business and an entrepreneurial spirit. The student may have already begun his/her own business and seeks to continue his/her education through an accredited continuing education course or a college or university.

Committee Members

Signage Committee

Signage Committee is a subcommittee of the Economic Development Committee. The committee works to improve and increase directional signage along the Route 2 corridor to increase tourism to the downtown business districts and to improve signage within villages and town centers to increase local businesses.

Committee Members

  • Don Paye, Shelburne Resident
  • Carmela Lanza-Weil, GSFABA Executive Director, ex officio

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